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Creating a New Sakai Project Site

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017 01:24PM EDT

This screenshot walkthrough will show you how to create a new project site within Sakai.  Project sites are almost the same as course sites within Sakai and can be used in many situations including to collaborate with your peers, to host a web presence for your club, or for extra instructions outside of dedicated Sakai course sites.  Project sites can include all of the same tools as Course sites within Sakai.  The biggest difference between Project sites and course sites is with the permission levels.  In a course site, there are three permission levels for a user: Instructor (which has full administrative control of that site), Teaching Assistant (which has default permissions elevated above those of a Student but less than an Instructor), and Student (which has typical default permissions that enable the user to add/create content for most tools such as wiki, blog, forums, resources, messages but not delete any content from any tool or create/delete content for specialized tools such as syllabus, announcements, assignments, tests and quizzes, etc).  In a project site, the user permission levels are Maintain (same as Instructor in a Course site) and Access (same as a Student in a Course site).

Once you have created the Project site using the guide below, please access the site and add participants using the Site Info tool: Adding New Members to Your Sakai Site.

The below screen shots cover most situations when setting up a new project site within Sakai.  If you run into situations not covered by these screenshots, please remember that clicking the Help button (upper right-hand side of the screen) on any page within Sakai provides access to contextual help.

1. Log into Sakai and press the Worksite Setup in the Navigation toolbar from your Home screen.

2. Once in Worksite Setup, click the New Tab.

3. From the Create a Site screen, select the option for Project Site and click the Continue button.

4. Complete the details on the Project Site Information page. Required fields are marked with an *.

5. On the Project Site Tools screen, select the tools you would like to be included in your Project Site. If you are unsure of what function any of the tools provide, click the Help button on the left hand side of the screen.

6. Choose your options on the Project Site Access screen. If unsure, we recommend leaving the options at their default settings or contact the ITS Helpdesk for more information. Click the Continue button to continue setting up your Project Site.

7. On the Confirm Your Project Site Setup screen confirm all of the details are correct. If they are not correct, use the Back button to navigate to something that needs to be changed. If they are correct, click the Create Site button to create your site.

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